Ramiro Oliveira & Filhos, S.A. is a company specialized in commercialization of a wide and diversified range of products like leather, fabric, synthetic, fur amongst others. Its purpose is to introduce themselves to their customers as an inescapable reference when it comes to providing the most varied needs of the industry.


 Its activity began in the year 1985, when its founder Ramiro Oliveira decided to put into practice an entire wealth of knowledge accumulated in more than 45 years of continuous activity. This factor with his experience is decisive because it provided the necessary confidence to undertake such an initiative.

Aware of the defined objectives since the first moment, it aims to fill the gaps identified in the market in various sectors of this activity. To be successful in its demands, it seeks to gather the necessary synergies and the support of a group of professionals which enables the pursuit of its objectives.

To meet the expectations set, he carefully establishes a set of partnerships that responds effectively to the need of an increasingly demanding market. This solution promotes a constant exchange of knowledge about the evolution of fashion and the development of new articles that enables the presentation of a wide range of products according to different orientations and trends from all over the world.


During the course of time, its founder, is worried about transmitting his professional legacy to his children Carlos, Victor and Jorge who influenced by their ethical values, have continued to work and develop his vision.

From an initial retailer geared to work specially with domestic goods, the need to broaden horizons and increase prospects later on. In the 1990s the first steps to the internationalization emerged when the company felt the need to increase the turnover and to offer a more varied portfolio of products as a way of satisfying the demands of the customers.
Sometime later, in the beginning of the 21st century the first exports appeared, transforming the brand Ramiro into an international dimensional brand. It is also at this point that the transfer takes place to a modern and better prepared installation as the needs of the company demanded. This new organizational structure will allow an evolution of the quality of the service provided, promoting the promotion of a bigger and better variety of products as well as an increase in the quality of its work.

The knowledge and the professional experience gained in these three decades, today allows the company to occupy an important place in the offer of several solutions in placing at disposal a varied range of components in the most diverse areas from activity that places the brand Ramiro in a level of high reference in the international commercial panorama, with special emphasis on the footwear industry.
The availability of the goods in stock and the fast efficient ability to answer are a factor of an extreme importance in today´s times, becoming sometimes a factor that is more important than the product itself. To meet the needs of the market, the company promoted the opening of the deposits in Spain in order to increase the efficiency of service. The regular presence at international fairs is also a very important to the consolidation of an increasing global brand image.

Value Products
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Value Products

Our maximum: "Value Products" supports our commitment and concern to regular delivery with a perfectly defined quality selection that meets the needs and satisfaction of our customers.

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